Competitive electricity costs for cement production

Wettbewerbsfähige Stromkosten – Voraussetzung für die Zementherstellung am Standort Deutschland

With approx. 250 million euros a year, electricity for the German cement industry is now al-ready (2013) one of the largest cost factors. Without the relief provided by the special equali-sation ordinance, electricity costs for the sector would increase by approx. an additional 220 million euros (2014) a year, therefore almost doubling them. Calculated in terms of employees in the cement industry, this would correspond to additional costs of approx. 30,000 euros for each job per year. Related to employees working in production, this figure would be more than 45,000 euros.

The results of the report, which VDZ commissioned from the EEFA Institute, show that the German cement industry is faced with intense international competition and cannot do with-out the EEG relief in order to maintain the power intensive cement production and employ-ment in Germany.

Study: Competitive Electricity Costs - Prerequisite for the Production of Cement in Germany

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