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Demand for cement at a high level, outlook cautious

Speaking about the development of the German cement market, Christian Knell, president of VDZ, says "It has rarely been so difficult to make a forecast as it is this year". Since March 2020 the coronavirus pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty amongst most people and companies in this country. So far the cement manufacturers have had no grounds for complaint, not least because favourable weather conditions helped the cement market to get off to a good start in 2020. "Despite the lockdown coming into effect in March, the demand for cement was upheld by the continuation of work on construction sites – also thanks to the quick action taken by the government", says Christian Knell, looking back on the situation. continue

Carbon footprint remains a challenge for the cement industry

VDZ Environmental Data of the German Cement Industry 2018
In the past year, German cement manufacturers have invested in a large number of measures to further reduce their carbon footprint. These include both renewed efforts to improve the energy efficiency of cement production enabled by new production facilities and an additional increase in the share of alternative fuels utilising biomass. This is shown by the "Environmental Data of the German Cement Industry 2018" which is published annually by the German cement manufacturers. "We have also made significant progress this year and further improved our CO₂ performance," says Christian Knell, President of VDZ. "However, it is also clear that we are increasingly reaching our limits in reducing CO₂ emissions with existing technology. We are therefore working on new, future-oriented technologies, above all on capturing CO₂, which will allow us to continue using it or, if necessary, to store it." continue

Cement consumption 2018 slightly increased by 0.4 percent

Approx. 29.0 million tonnes of cement were used in Germany in 2018. The figure was thus roughly 0.4% higher compared to the previous year. VDZ sees the industry continuing in a stable environment for the years 2019 and 2020. continue

Workshop on the prerequisites for CO2 infrastructure in North Rhine-Westphalia

Today VDZ is hosting the workshop “CO2-Infrastruktur in NRW” in Duesseldorf as part of the IN4climate.NRW initiative. The event provides participants of industry, science, politics and civil society with an opportunity to discuss the prospects for the establishment of CO2 infrastructure in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany, within the context of climate protection. “The capture, transportation, use and possibly also the storage of CO2 will play an important role in the reduction of process-related CO2 emissions in the cement industry,” emphasises VDZ Chief Executive Dr Martin Schneider. continue

Cement industry innovations in view of climate protection

VDZ President Christian Knell at the VDZ Congress 2018
“Climate protection, digitalisation and the cement plant of the future: these are the key issues for the future of our industry, issues we are greatly committed to tackling”, VDZ President Christian Knell said at the opening ceremony of the 8th International VDZ Congress 2018 in Duesseldorf. During the three-day event representatives from the cement industry, its suppliers and the fields of science and research will discuss current technical challenges, future-related subjects and the conditions facing tomorrow’s cement production. continue

Cement industry continues to invest heavily in environmental protection

German cement manufacturers invest a lot of money in environmental protection. As shown by the recently published "Environmental Data of the German Cement Industry 2017", constant investment in environmental technology has made it possible to achieve further progress in increasing energy efficiency and reducing the emissions of the plants. "The reduction of nitrogen oxides is of particular significance for cement manufacturers, which is why they employ extensive, state-of-the-art reduction processes to reliably satisfy limit values and ensure the protection of both the environment and local residents", says Christian Knell, President of VDZ. continue

Significant 4.8 % rise in cement consumption in 2017

Approx. 28.8 million tonnes of cement were used in Germany in 2017, roughly 4.8 % more than in the previous year. VDZ expects much less growth in 2018. continue


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